Yoga and the Alexander Technique
with Lisa Lutton
Saturday, June 25
2:00-5:00pm – $50

Supersoul Yoga Studio, Chatham, NY

Would you like to improve your posture, eliminate chronic pain, reduce tension and stress, and learn a revolutionary yet complementary approach to your yoga practice?  You can by learning the Alexander Technique, a somatic method that offers a fundamental approach to all human movement.  The Technique can be applied to anything, and when applied to yoga your practice can become fueled by curiosity, a sense of expansion, and reliance on the natural buoyancy and internal support of your body.  We’ll spend the first half of the workshop learning basic skills and principles that will help you unravel tensions both on and off your mat, restoring ease and optimal functioning.    In the second half we will explore how Alexander-inspired thinking impacts specific yoga poses, along with some Alexander-inspired flow.  This workshop is appropriate for yogis at all levels and for anyone ready to deepen their understanding of their body and themselves.